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  • OPEN MATS - Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays (9:30 - 11)
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  • Sept. 14:  FB Concession Stand Duty (scroll down for sign up) 

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Time to Update your Athletic Forms & LISD Volunteer Status

All wrestlers need to need to update their Athletic forms & physical.  
Visit this link for the necessary athletic forms & sports physicals.
All LISD Volunteers need to redo their volunteer application for the
2018 - 2019 school year.  Visit the link below to start the process.

Sign Up to Volunteer for FB Concession Stand Duty

CPHS Wrestling Booster Club is working both the Home & Away Concession stands on Friday, Sept. 14.  This is a great way to earn fast cash for our upcoming season, and we will need ALL THE HELP we can get!!  We will need a minimum of 30 volunteers....at least 15 NEED to be adults and the rest can be wrestlers.  Friends & family are welcome to help, as long as they are approved by LISD to be volunteers.  We appreciate all of your help!

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Meet Coach Andrew Peterson!

Andy Peterson grew up and wrestled in high school and college in Southern California. Receiving his BA in History from San Diego State University and an M.S in Education from National University. He has 18 years experience coaching High School wrestling as both a head coach and assistant coach in California, North Dakota, Virginia and Texas. Coach Peterson also spent three years coaching at the University of North Dakota. Along with being the Head Wrestling Coach, he teaches AP World History and on-level World History.

Summer Plans by Coach Peterson

Summer is Here. I HIGHLY encourage your Son/Daughter to participate in Summer Programs. We have several things going:
I have been very impressed thus far with the turnout and look forward to it continuing. Summer is the easiest time to make huge gains and separate yourself from everybody else. Along with Wrestling, we will do other things as a Team this summer (Pool, Hiking, Cross Training sports, etc.)


 I will be running summer wrestling all summer long. Below is a Summer Wrestling Schedule download. There is open mats at CPHS 3x per week throughout the summer. I encourage your son/daughter to keep to a regular schedule whether it is 1x, 2x or 3x per week (minus vacation). CONSISTENCY is the KEY to making gains.
The other locations on the schedule are open mats in the area – Vandergrift and Vista are free and open to other local schools.
Justin Duals is also on the list – more on this shortly


We have created a Summer Wrestling League, hosted at Vandegrift due to the size of their room, Attached is the Flyer. It will start the last Wednesday in June. The Goal is to get matches against local competition. We have invited All the local teams and will also include other teams outside the area if they are interested.


I encourage your son/daughter to sign up for the speed / strength camp here at CPHS. If they are unable or looking to work individually, I have attached our OUT OF SEASON Lifts. It is EASY to follow and the goal is to ADD SIZE and get STRONG. If kids have questions they can come see me.


  • 3F:  Monday & Thursday 6 - 8 pm and Sunday 1 - 3 pm (download flyer)
  • Peak Performance:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 7 - 9 m and Sunday 4 - 6 pm

2017-2018 Season Highlights